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The Share: Lammas Trip April 2014

Feb 9, 2014 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Projects, Sustainability, The Share, The Share


 Woodcraft Folk are getting sustainable with the latest in a series of green skills training for DFs and Kinsfolk: The Share.

As part of the Share Project, we are offering Woodies a mind-blowing week-long training course in earthbag building, organic veg growing, knife and saw sharpening, cob building, permaculture herb spirals, timber framing, cutting and joining and a tour of a internationally recognised permaculture community.

Lammas is an eco village in South Wales where 9 families are building their houses in eco techniques and natural materials.

Open to all DFs (all Kinsfolk ages are welcome too) – You must be a Woodcraft Folk Member to come. I will be checking!

£20 per person – pays for accommodation and breakfasts. All other meals will be provided in exchange for labour on plots. WWOOF style volunteering (9am-5pm[ish])

Nearest Train Station is Clunderwen (CUW)
Travel from there to the site is easiest to hitchhike, I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes to get a lift. There is a very very irregular bus I think..

There are no plumped in toilets, only compost ones and trees/bushes.
There are no showers/Baths/Lakes to wash in, only taps and sinks.
This event will be camping

The next trip to Lammas will be 20-27 April 2014. (you don’t have to attend all week if you prefer)

Booking is now open!! Fill in the form below


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If this hasn’t convinced you check out this video made from the last trip


The Share Trip at Lammas Eco Village from Lily Bowler on Vimeo.

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