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Welcome to! The online home of the District Fellows Movement, the 16-20 age group of the cooperative children and young people's charity The Woodcraft Folk.


What do you want your Ctte do to?


The DF Open Discussions E-Group is a powerful tool! An e-group connects people simply and easily enabling critical discussion in a free forum that totally does away with hierarchy. Anybody and everybody can raise issues with the group or contribute to ongoing debates.

The E-Group is also a fantastic way to find out about what’s going on in the movement or share your news. Whether DFs is the best thing in the world to you or totally grinds your gears the e-group is the perfect way to have your say between sporadic Regional Things

The group aims to get all the DFs involved in the discussions that affect them so that they can have their say about the things that they care about. The more people involved the more dynamic and representative the group. Yeah Democracy.

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