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Events Rep

Lily Bowler


Hello everyone!

Lily Bowler here, the Events Rep for the year! I am really excited to continue on with this role in DFs!

Got any Event related questions? I’m here to answer all!

What are events? How many events are there? How much do they cost? What does my money go towards? How do I run an event? Can I make a new event? How do I become a member so I can come to events? How do I find out more about a specific event? I’m  a parent that is worried about what will happen to my child at DF events, can you explain?

For more information on our events, check out this page
To contact a specific event use their emails
 Also join in the fun of the events on Facebook

for anything else please contact me on

Facebook – You can be my friend!

During my term as Events Rep

  • Support all coordinators to make absolutely fantastic events
  • Book venues for every event across the country so accessible for all of you lovely people.
  • I will make all information for events be very accessible

  • I plan to write a rough guide of travelling to events. As a fanatic of cycling, someone who understands the UK train & coach systems within all it’s websites, and obtaining really cheap travel, I’ve been wanting to do for a while .

Coming to DF events has majorly changed my life, and I want to make sure that every single person that comes to our events has the same opportunity to experience our gloriously phenomenal and life changing events. I hope to see you all there!