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Age Range Questionnaire

Aug 21, 2009 by     1 Comment     Posted under: Span That World

Please fill in this survey to help with the age range consultation.

  • Aphra Hodgson

    I for one stringly believe that the 16 – 21 age range for DFs is the best range.
    At 16 young adults are ready to leave Venturer groups and benefit from taking on larger responsibilities within woodcraft and also learning the ways of the worls from older more experienced DFs. My experience as a young DF was the most inspiring and awakening of all my teenage years. It gave me an opportunity to take on a commitee role and help co-ordinate centres and learn much about politica and form myself into an aware young female. I therefore believe to lower the age would be a crime.
    I also believe that when reaching the age of 21, as I am almost at that stage – That I feel I have perhaps outgrown DFs, and that this group although still inspiring and I find myself learning new things at every event, has given me what I need to go into the world as an adult and one who wishes to continue with helping the woodcraft movement as a whole to grow and expand. I think that it is also important to recognise that DFs is a movement within woodcraft and that we should be looking to support and also lend the knowledge that we have in order to help the growth of the movement as a whole.
    I feel that we should not involve 21-25 yr olds within DFs but that there should be a movement for young kinsfolk which would benefit greatly with DFs helping to coordinate the beginnings of this new movement.
    So, to some it up 16-21 yr old age range is the best for DFs but there needs to be a young kinsfolk movement.
    **Just as a small note kinsfolk is actually 16 yrs and over so all DFs are included in the kinsfolk name!**